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Develco are experts in electronics, embedded software, wireless communication and IoT solutions

Technology Development Partner Develco offers a full-service concept focusing on product development and production management. We have strong competences in development of solutions with high-speed microprocessors, power supplies, electronics, embedded software, wireless communication, and Internet of Things IoT.

Our expertise comprises: Hardware, Software, Mechanics, Design for Manufacturing, and Documentation, Test, and Approvals.

In co-operation with your company, we develop your exciting ideas for new technological products with flexibility and responsibility during the entire process.


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iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway for Smart Farming

For dol-sensors Develco has designed and developed hardware platform, embedded software, architecture, and IoT solution for the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway implemented with software protocols for integration with the Cloud. The Cloud gateway can be used by a single farmer or on large farms. The gateway displays all climate data from the chicken or pig farm on one screen: light, temperature, humidity, CO², ammonia, and more.

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ClinoStar™ - Incubator for Functional 3D Cell Culture

For the biotech company CelVivo Develco has developed electronics, hardware, and embedded software for the high-tech and user-friendly CO² incubator ClinoStar™. The incubator is with precise motor control and climate regulation enabling 3D cell culture that can be used for tests of medicines and other research at universities and research laboratories.

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