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 Your one-stop-supplier of customized control panel solutions

Customized control panels produced with printed electronics are the core competencies at Seritronic. We help with everything from the development of your product to series production and assembly.

With our own state-of-the-art production in Denmark and the best-selected partners in Asia, we guarantee safety, price, and quality in a complex world market.

The control panels are made as membrane keyboards, silicone keyboards, displays or acrylic. The control panels are designed according to your design and to the environment in which the product is to be used.


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Customer case:
MOCON Europe A/S

Would you also like to bring your suppliers together for one, ensuring cheap prices and a stable supply chain? In addition to being a strong supplier on control panels and user interfaces, we also have a highly competent technical department that helps you with your needs. Download the customer case and hear what Mocon Europe A/S says about the collaboration with Seritronic.

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Customer case: JELMTECH/DEWIZ

Production and development go hand in hand at Seritronic. We help you from idea to mass production of your finished product. You can read more here about how we have helped Jelmtech and deWiz with development and production.

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Customer case:

A safe and trustworthy supplier is just one of many points you are guaranteed when choosing Seritronic as your supplier. Download the customer case and read more about how Seritronic has contributed as a supplier and sparring partner.

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